The three day course explores the science of genetics and genomics to help you apply genomics in your clinical practice.

The course is designed to give nurses and other health professionals with little training in genetics, the background scientific knowledge to understand the theory behind the application of genetics and genomics in healthcare.

It is ideal if you are considering or enrolled on a Genomics Medicine CPPD module or the Genomics Medicine MSc and want to brush up your molecular genetics knowledge beforehand.

The scientific content will be complemented with case based examples and practical exercises to connect the scientific theory to the application in your day to day practice.

  • The course will run over 3 days at University Hospitals Birmingham and University of Birmingham
  • All days should be attended to complete the course
  • The level will be equivalent to that covered in A-Level biology and 1st year BSc Genetics

Programme dates

6th June: Introduction to Human Molecular Genetics  – from DNA to genes

12th June: Further Human Molecular Genetics – mechanisms of genetic disease and cancer

20th June: Gene technologies: application to healthcare and therapeutics  – from DNA cloning to genomics and bioinformatics

If you have any questions or queries, or need further information,please email: