As the West Midlands Genomic Medicine Centre (WMGMC) continues to recruit patients for the 100,000 Genomes Project, update letters are being sent to some cancer participants. A similar, nationally approved, letter for rare disease participants will be sent later this year.

For technical reasons, it was difficult to obtain a suitable sample from a small number of participants, and so they have been withdrawn from the project. This will not affect current or future clinical care for any patients affected.

Professor Dion Morton, clinical director for the WMGMC, explains: “On occasion we have unfortunately been unable to obtain suitable blood or tissue samples for some of our participants, and will therefore be unable to provide test results for these individuals.

“This is an uncommon occurrence, and patients who receive this letter are also encouraged to contact our team if they have any further questions.”

The WMGMC are continuing to recruit participants for the ground-breaking project, which aims to sequence whole genomes (an individual’s entire genetic code) to find out more about the causes of some rare diseases and cancer, and may lead to improved diagnosis and treatments.

The WMGMC has so far recruited over 10,000 participants to the national project, and a small number of results – including diagnoses for some individuals with rare diseases – have been returned.


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